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Service Offerings

What our co-healing work is:

Working with fellow healers and change-makers fills my soul with great joy and fulfillment of purpose. Being with humanity building bonds of resilient kinship, and watering soils of community & wellness is the heartbeat of my work. I am guessing you can relate to these compelling romantic gifts of healership. Making a positive impact on the well-being of your people, communities and land is why you walk this path. Being the healing refuge for others that you once needed (and continue to need) yourself and showing up for the many parts of you as you show up for others is a sacred call. This sacred call takes sacred tending.

The wear and tear of being on the front lines of healing, transformation and evolution is intense and pervasive. Not prioritizing your own wellness can lead to harmful energies, patterns and effects permeating your life, work, health and relationships. Our capitalistic society makes it very challenging for healers and change-makers like you to really tend to yourself in all the necessary ways - but, boo, you need your entourage to keep you real out in those streets!

If you welcome me into your entourage we won’t mess around! We’ll go deep. We’ll take risks. We’ll release the stuff that weighs you down. We’ll activate the abundance of your healership, joy, and birthright. We’ll invoke the ancestors, higher powers, spirit of mother earth, intuition and highest self. We’ll create a hybrid roadmap of ancient spiritual practices and rituals with modern clinical interventions. We’ll take a (w)holistic path toward your mind-body-soul-kin wellness as a healer.

The goal of our co-healing work is to center, safeguard and elevate the vitality, integrity and potency of your healership, while preserving your personhood.

Our work together will serve to address, explore and/or clear:

  • the residue of other people's trauma & oppression

  • secondary trauma responses

  • the reflection in the mirror held up by your clients (counter transference)

  • trauma bonding in healership

  • self-abandonment patterns

  • limiting beliefs and anxieties that hold you back in your healership

  • effects of racism in the industry

  • racial trauma, racial battle fatigue, post-slave syndrome, effects of cultural (group) trauma on your identity, relationship and healership from an intersectional perspective

  • mixed race identity, interracial family dynamics, multicultural parenting

  • taxing chronic stress of public activism

  • living and working in oppressive environments


The People

My offerings serve:

The work I offer is for folx who are revolutionizing their relationship to trauma, healing and liberation in ways that are decolonized and rooted in justice. The work is for the self-healers, professional healers and the trauma adjacent. For those who infuse connection and light within those who feel deeply alone and heavy with darkness. Those who spark trauma healing alchemy as they root down & rise up in their purpose/role as a healer in their community. Those who provide safe, brave spaces within which others are able to (re)discover the truth of who they are and who they have always been within the layers of trauma. Those who plough through barriers, rewrite declarations, and activate justice for people and lands oppressed by toxic supremacy and power. Those who 'mother' the children who need someone's bosom upon which to rest, recover and revive. Those who share the secrets of the natural world, the sacred Divine and the birthright of abundant reclamation and liberation. Those who plant seeds of curious wonder, delight and empowerment among the disenfranchised. Those whose eyes and hands weep, chant and whisper the depths of pain and revival through art, word, melody and symbol.

  • BIPOC therapists, healers & activists

  • BIPOCs & biracial (multicultural) healing in racial trauma

  • Multicultural, interracial families navigating blending cultures and raising kids with layered cultural identities

  • Therapists/Counselors

  • Coaches/Mentors

  • Spiritual & Energy Healers

  • Body Workers/Holistic Wellness Practitioners

  • Social Justice Activists (social healers)

  • Social Workers

  • Educators

  • Activist/Healing Artists

  • Revolutionary Thought Leaders

  • Community Organizers/Policy Makers

  • Foster Parents/Adoptive Parents of Traumatized Children


inhale the journey, exhale expectation.

Josefina H. Sanders

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Options for Co-Healing


Online Therapy
(sliding scale)

Because everyone is more comfortable in pajama bottoms! Let’s meet online! Online/video sessions are available to anyone residing in Colorado seeking support with everyday healership challenges, post-traumatic growing pains, intersectional identity liberation, decolonizing the self and more! Online sessions are best for folx in preparation for their intensive session(s) or following the intensive session. Online therapy is the primary mode for how I offer ongoing therapeutic support - limited spots available for ongoing therapy services. Read more about Online Therapy on the FAQ page.


Group Therapy
rates vary
(sliding scale)

I am a firm believer in healing in community. As a BIPOC therapist/healer, I know that community healing is rich, deep and strongly reinforced by the bonds of relationship. Joining a group therapy program is best for folx who want to be really seen, heard, held and uplifted by a compassionate community. Various groups are offered through the year. Most of the groups are centered around BIPOC healers and change-makers. Groups will have a spiritual vibe in addition to traditional mental health elements. Please visit the groups page for more information.


Therapy Intensives
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As a healer, you are busy and pulled in a million directions that makes adequately tending to yourself really hard. Therapy intensives provide the time, space and holding for you to intimately connect with your healing. Intensives are nourishing full day (w)holistic EMDR therapy sessions. Spending a full day with yourself (and me, your co-healing ally) will allow you to take a big cleansing inhale and a rejuvenating exhale. With no distractions, role switching or task hopping you’ll be able to maximize your Your intensive program will be customized to your needs and goals. Find out a bit more over on the FAQ page!


Ready to begin? Let’s hop on a discovery call to determine which service offering best suits your needs and goals.


Head on over to the FAQ page if there is more you need to know before you begin!

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Looking for a non-clinical healing route?
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