Robyn Mourning

Therapist - Healer - Soul Artist

Hey ya’ll! I’m going to take a minute to introduce myself a bit more casually - because I am a human not just a resume! I am a black, biracial, bold woman living and thriving in Colorado. I’m a hardcore ENFP with a fierce introspective streak. Skating the surface of anything isn’t my vibe so if you catch me doing it you know something is up.

I am an unapologetic advocate for BIPOC & QTPOC and I call out and call in on the reg. I’m ethically rebellious (I know, what the heck is that?) and I prefer to topple toxic systems and rebuild just ones rather than fix what we have. I’m unafraid of the fire and I will run into it to save myself. I will run into it along side my loved ones and co-healing clients as they save themselves. I am adamant about autonomy, consent and healthy boundaries in healing work.

The mountains and the deserts are where my soul runs wild, free and joyfully. I’m a mama and I am constantly learning how to mother myself as I mother my child. I value things like integrity, intentionality, autonomy, community, relationship, wisdom and adventure. “Soften & allow,” “root to rise” and “lead with soul” are three lessons I have been learning the last three years. My spirituality is my lifeline and my eclectic (non-religious) spiritual practices are my food. Creativity is my water. Healing alchemy is my blood. I am incredibly intuitive and work from that perspective - things may get pretty spiritual and mystical up in our work! You down?

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Healership Development

Having a consistent, grounded, soul-led and intentional practice in cultivating my healership is a critical aspect of my identity as a therapist and healer. I am continually engaging in self-healing, self-tending, self-justice. I also work with my own set of co-healers, such as, spiritual mentors/healers, coaches, therapists and peer community. Creating a rich knowledge and wisdom base through various clinical trainings/courses, texts, research, poetry, literature and listening to story tellers and thought-leaders is another vital aspect of my healership.



Bachelors of Arts Biology & Psychology

Masters of Science Marriage, Family, Child Counseling



Registered Psychotherapist Colorado
NLC. 0108755


EMDR Training

  • EMDR Basic Training

  • EMDR Advanced Training: Attachment Focused EMDR

  • EMDR Advanced Training: When There Are No Words (Preverbal trauma treatment)

  • Advanced EMDR Training: EMDR-IGTP & EMDR-PRECI (group protocol & early intervention) - Completion Nov. 2019


Healership Experience

I have several years experience in clinical trauma recovery through traditional talk therapy, expressive arts therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, somatic and experiential therapy. I have worked with folx healing in sexual assault/abuse, domestic violence and intimate parter abuse, childhood domestic violence, childhood abuse/neglect, multicultural and inter-racial identity & familial issues, and cultural trauma stemming from racism, oppression and anti-LGBTQ bigotry. I have worked in a variety of settings including safe shelters, inpatient behavioral health and private practice.

Over the last year, I have refined my spiritual healing, mentorship and consulting with healers, activists and community leaders through my sister brand - WellSoul Wellness. While our work together will be focused on the clinical/psychotherapeutic aspect, weaving in your spirituality as part of your own growth and reclamation is something I welcome if you desire to do so.


Revolutionized Healership