PsychoSpiritual Liberation Therapy for
Therapists, Healers and


Online Therapy

Individual support for modern healers and change-makers navigating everyday ups & downs, challenges & joys, and edges & depths of healership.


Group Therapy

Affirming and intimate healing groups anchored in afro-spiritual rituals combined with modern clinical approaches to hold and uplift BIPOC and our allies.


Therapy Intensives

Deep and nurturing EMDR therapy deep dives for healers and change-makers desiring to maintain their personal and professional wellness & vitality.


I’m here for…

the tending & elevation of our healers!

Revolution Trauma Recovery Services exists to reclaim our communities’ healers and protectors from the effects of personal, relational and societal trauma and oppression. Healing is the reclamation of self-soul-wholeness. Revolution Trauma Recovery Services offers reclamation services for professional therapists, healers and change-makers.

Professional helpers, healers and activists have answered a sacred call. This call takes our full selves and we must consistently and meaningfully tend and cultivate in order to heal from the small and large wounds we receive each week. Secondary trauma, burnout, the drain of being knee deep in toxic environments and systems, chronic stress, self-abandonment and lack of harmony disrupt our wellness and effectiveness as humans and healers.

The services offered are rooted in justice (equality & equanimity won’t cut it), decolonized to the best of my ability (it’s a process) and centered around you as the client. Wounded healers make the best healers, but only when we are active in our reclamation, cultivation and liberation!


Trauma & Justice Therapy

Tending to personal & community healers

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